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1 December 2002 Leucoloma III: A Species Synopsis: Typification, Synonymy, and Excluded Names
Catherine La Farge
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The current synopsis of Leucoloma Brid. nom. cons. is an annotated list of the accepted names that includes nomenclatural novelties, type citations, protologue data, and synonyms. The list includes 131 taxa with 118 synonyms. No type material was seen for five species and two varieties. One species is listed as a nomen nudum until the necessary nomenclatural changes can be made and is included here for completion sake. Another species is tranferred to Dicranoloma with two synonyms, whereas two species previously described as Dicranoloma species are transferred here to Leucoloma [Leucoloma onraedtii (Biz.) La Farge, comb. nov. and Leucoloma entabiense (Magill) La Farge comb. nov.]. A condensed alphabetical list of species, subspecies, varieties, and forms provide a ready reference for all accepted names and synonymy currently in Leucoloma. Each taxon has its subgeneric placement indicated. An additional alphabetical list of 106 excluded taxa with generic placement is included for a nomenclatural synopsis of Leucoloma.

Catherine La Farge "Leucoloma III: A Species Synopsis: Typification, Synonymy, and Excluded Names," The Bryologist 105(4), 606-624, (1 December 2002).[0606:LIASST]2.0.CO;2
Received: 11 May 1999; Accepted: 1 July 2002; Published: 1 December 2002

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