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1 March 2010 Phylogenetic delineation of Nothoceros and Megaceros (Dendrocerotaceae)
Juan Carlos Villarreal, Bernard Goffinet, R. Joel Duff, D. Christine Cargill
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Recent reconstruction of the phylogenetic relationships of hornworts has revealed novel hypotheses of unique common ancestries. The genus Megaceros, for example, was shown to be polyphyletic with New World species nested within Nothoceros. Here we present a sampling of most widely recognized species of both genera to provide a phylogenetic delimitation of Nothoceros and Megaceros based on the genes rbcL and nad5. The unique ancestry shared by Nothoceros and the New World species of Megaceros is confirmed. This clade, except for the New Zealand endemic N. giganteus is restricted to the American continent. The genus Megaceros is redefined to comprise only Asian and Australasian species. The three widely accepted American species of Megaceros, M. aenigmaticus, M. fuegiensis and M. vincentianus are transferred here to Nothoceros. The lack of defining morphological characters for Nothoceros along with its morphological diversity highlights the need for further taxonomic, morphological and ultrastructural studies of the genus.

Juan Carlos Villarreal, Bernard Goffinet, R. Joel Duff, and D. Christine Cargill "Phylogenetic delineation of Nothoceros and Megaceros (Dendrocerotaceae)," The Bryologist 113(1), 106-113, (1 March 2010).
Received: 3 February 2009; Accepted: 1 September 2009; Published: 1 March 2010
American continent
phylogenetic delimitation
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