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26 June 2017 Sprucidea, a further new genus of rain forest lichens in the family Malmideaceae (Ascomycota)
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We describe the new genus, Sprucidea M.Cáceres, Aptroot & Lücking, from rain forest areas in South America and Southeast Asia. Phylogenetic analysis of the mtSSU and nuLSU markers place Sprucidea within Malmideaceae, sister to the genus Savoronala from Madagascar. Like Malmidea, Sprucidea is characterized by frequently red thalli containing norsolorinic acid, but differs in the bacillar instead of ellipsoid ascospores and in the stalked sporodochia as conidiomata; from Savoronala, Sprucidea is distinguished by the crustose thallus and short stalks of the sporodochia. The new genus thus far contains four species, two of them new to science, namely S. granulosa M.Cáceres, Aptroot & Lücking and S. rubropenicillata M.Cáceres, Aptroot & Lücking (type species), and two newly proposed combinations: S. gymnopiperis (Kalb) M.Cáceres, Aptroot & Lücking (basionym: Malmidea gymnopiperis Kalb) and S. penicillata (Aptroot, M.Cáceres, Lücking & Sparrius) M.Cáceres, Aptroot & Lücking (basionym: Bacidina penicillata Aptroot, M.Cáceres, Lücking & Sparrius). In addition, we propose the new combination Malmidea floridensis (Nyl.) M.Cáceres, Aptroot & Lücking (basionym: Lecidea floridensis Nyl.). We further include the pantropical genus Crustospathula (with currently five species) in Malmideaceae, differing from the other genera by its stalked soralia. With the recent addition of the genus Kalbionora, Malmideaceae thus contains five genera and two additional, orphaned lineages of species currently included in Lecidea s.l. A key to all genera and lineages is provided, as well as a key to all species of Sprucidea and Crustospathula.

Copyright ©2017 by The American Bryological and Lichenological Society, Inc.
Marcela Eugenia da Silva Cáceres, André Aptroot, Cléverton de Oliveira Mendonça, Lidiane Alves dos Santos, and Robert Lücking "Sprucidea, a further new genus of rain forest lichens in the family Malmideaceae (Ascomycota)," The Bryologist 120(2), 202-211, (26 June 2017).
Received: 23 February 2017; Accepted: 1 May 2017; Published: 26 June 2017

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