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22 January 2020 Vietnamiella epiphytica – a new genus and species of Anastrophyllaceae (Hepaticae)
Vadim Bakalin, Anna Vilnet, Van Sinh Nguyen
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Vietnamiella epiphytica gen. et sp. nov. is described based on the results of integrative research including morphological, ecological, phytogeographical and molecular-genetic studies. Superficially the new taxon is similar to some taxa of Andrewsianthus from which, however, it differs in a number of features including ventral intercalary branching, versus dorsal intercalary branches that commonly change into positively geotropic stolons in Andrewsianthus. Moreover, the closest relative of Vietnamiella, placed in Anastrophyllaceae, was found to be Hattoria, which is strikingly different from Vietnamiella, especially in its entire and cup-shaped leaves. The morphological description, figures and differentiations are provided for Vietnamiella.

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Vadim Bakalin, Anna Vilnet, and Van Sinh Nguyen "Vietnamiella epiphytica – a new genus and species of Anastrophyllaceae (Hepaticae)," The Bryologist 123(1), 48-63, (22 January 2020).
Received: 1 March 2019; Accepted: 7 January 2020; Published: 22 January 2020
East Asia
molecular phylogeny
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