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30 April 2020 Announcements

Retirement of members of the Commission

Since the last election of three new Commissioners in December 2017, two Commissioners has reached the end of her term of service. We express our most sincere gratitude to Dr Judith Winston (U.S.A.: Bryozoa) and Dr Nina Bogutskaya (Russia, Agnatha) for their service to the Commission. The total number of members of the Commission is now 24.

Approval of proposed changes to ICZN Bylaws

A vote to confirm the changes to the ICZN Bylaws as proposed during the special session in Singapore (June 2019) was prepared. On 1 October 2019, the Secretariat sent out the voting papers under the Three-Month Rule to the Commission. A greater than two-thirds of the non-abstaining Commissioners who returned voting papers voted FOR the changes to the ICZN Bylaws (14 For, 1 Against, 1 Abstain). The changes proposed to the ICZN Bylaws have therefore been approved.

However, changes in Articles 5(d), 31 and 34(b) have not come into force as this is conditioned upon proposed changes to the Constitution, which has not yet been voted upon.

At the close of the voting period on 01 January 2020, the votes were as follows:

Affirmative votes – 14: Aescht, Ahyong, Ballerio, Bouchard, Dmitriev, Evenhuis, Kojima, Kullander, Lyal, Pape, Welter-Schultes, Winston, Zhang and Zhou.

Negative votes – 1: Grygier.

Abstained – 1: Bertling.

Rosenberg was on leave of absence.

Votes were received from Bourgoin and Yanega after the deadline.

No votes were received from Bogutskaya, Harvey, Kottelat, Krell, Lamas, Pyle, and Rheindt.

The revised bylaws can be found at the Commission website ( and the following URL:

"Announcements," The Bulletin of Zoological Nomenclature 77(1), 3, (30 April 2020).
Published: 30 April 2020

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