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1 June 2009 Ceratozetes and Ceratozetoides (Acari: Oribatida: Ceratozetidae) of North America
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The oribatid mite genus Ceratozetes Berlese is represented in America north of Mexico by 21 previously described species known from forest, grassland, subarctic and arctic soils and litter, and canopy habitats. The closely related genus Ceratozetoides Shaldybina is represented in America north of Mexico only by C. cisalpinus (Berlese). Three new species of Ceratozetes from North America are described: C. biporosus sp. nov. from forest habitats of southeastern North America, C. cyclopea sp. nov. from montane habitats in western North America, and C. pseudomediocris sp. nov. from forest habitats of western North America. A detailed revised diagnosis is given for Ceratozetes, Ceratozetoides, all previously described species of Ceratozetes (C. angustus (Banks), C. borealis Behan-Pelletier, C. cuspidatus Jacot, C. enodis (Ewing), C. fjellbergi Behan-Pelletier, C. gracilis Michael, C. kutchin Behan-Pelletier, C. longispinus Jacot, C. mediocris (Berlese), C. oresbios Behan-Pelletier, C. pacificus Behan-Pelletier, C. parvulus Sellnick, C. spitsbergensis Thor, C. subaquila (Ewing), C. subinconspicuus (Berlese), C. thienemanni Willmann, C. virginicus (Banks), and C. watertonensis Behan-Pelletier), and Ceratozetoides cisalpinus. Ceratozetes figuratus (Ewing) and C. zeteki (Ewing) are considered junior subjective synonyms of C. enodis (Ewing) syn. nov., and C. inupiaq Behan-Pelletier is transferred to Mycobatidae as Cyrtozetes inupiaq (Behan-Pelletier) comb. nov. New distribution records are given for Ceratozetoides cisalpinus and Ceratozetes angustus, C. borealis, C. cuspidatus, C. gracilis, C. mediocris, C. longispinus, C. oresbios, C. pacificus, C. parvulus, C. thienemanni, C. virginicus, and C. watertonensis. A diagnostic key is provided to adults of the Ceratozetes and Ceratozetoides species now known for America north of Mexico. An analysis of the systematic relationships of 23 of these species based on adult characters indicates that Ceratozetes, excluding Ceratozetoides, is paraphyletic. The clade that includes Ceratozetoides cisalpinus and 15 species of Ceratozetes includes most species for which immatures are known. One sister clade includes Ceratozetes cyclopea, C. enodis, and C. fjellbergi and another includes C. kutchin, C. parvulus, and C. thienemanni. The decision whether or not these 6 species should be retained in Ceratozetes sensu stricto awaits discovery of their immatures and molecular analysis.

© 2009 Entomological Society of Canada
Valerie M. Behan-Pelletier and Barbara Eamer "Ceratozetes and Ceratozetoides (Acari: Oribatida: Ceratozetidae) of North America," The Canadian Entomologist 141(3), (1 June 2009).
Received: 22 January 2009; Accepted: 1 February 2009; Published: 1 June 2009

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