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30 April 2007 Review of the Genus Dendrocellus Schmidt-Göbel (Coleoptera: Carabidae: Dryptini), with Descriptions of Seven New Species
Hongbin Liang, David H. Kavanaugh
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Twenty-two species are recognized in the genus Dendrocellus Schmidt-Göbel 1846. Seven of them are described as new to science: D. bicoloripennis, new species (type locality: 18 km SSE of Chisenga, Jembya Reserve, Malawi); D. inexpectus, new species (type locality: Barway, India); D. javanus, new species (type locality: Java, Indonesia); D. micropectinatus, new species (type locality: Abercorn, Zambia); D. nigripennis, new species (type locality: N. Kalimantan, Malaysia); D. queenslandicus, new species (type locality: Queensland, Australia), and D. sinicus, new species (type locality: Jiangxi, China). Four species or subspecies are considered as junior synonyms: Desera gilsoni gilsoni Dupuis, 1912, = Dendrocellus geniculatus (Klug 1834), new synonymy; Desera gilsoni continentalis Hansen 1967, = Dendrocellus geniculatus (Klug 1834), new synonymy; Dendrocellus parallelus Chaudoir 1872, = Dendrocellus coelestinus (Klug 1834), new synonymy; and Desera kulti recondita Hanson 1967, = Dendrocellus kulti (Jedlicka 1960) new synonymy. Drypta dimidiata Putzeys 1880, which was wrongly treated as a member of Dendrocellus, is returned to genus Drypta. Dendrocellus rugicollis Chaudoir is recognized as a distinct species, not a synonym of D. geniculatus (Klug). Lectotypes are designated for five species-group names: Dendrocellus gestroi Bates, Dendrocellus parallelus Chaudoir, Dendrocellus rugicollis Chaudoir, Dendrocellus ternatensis Chaudoir, and Desera schultzei Heller. A key to all known Dendrocellus species is provided.

Hongbin Liang and David H. Kavanaugh "Review of the Genus Dendrocellus Schmidt-Göbel (Coleoptera: Carabidae: Dryptini), with Descriptions of Seven New Species," The Coleopterists Bulletin 61(1), 1-39, (30 April 2007).
Received: 25 July 2006; Accepted: 1 February 2007; Published: 30 April 2007
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