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1 September 2014 The Ground Beetle (Coleoptera: Carabidae) Fauna of Maine, USA
Richard G. Dearborn, Robert E. Nelson, Charlene Donahue, Ross T. Bell, Reginald P. Webster
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A survey of the modern carabid fauna of Maine has shown that the fauna consists of 425 documented species, 14 more than previously documented for the Maine fauna in the latest catalog for the family in North America or in the most recent checklist on the state beetle fauna. New state records are Agonum cupreum Dejean, Amara anthobia Villa and Villa, Anisodactylus laetus Dejean, Bembidion intermedium Kirby, Bembidion sejunctum sejunctum Casey, Brachinus vulcanoides Erwin, Diplocheila impressicollis Dejean, Elaphropus dolosus LeConte, Lebia grandis Hentz, Myas coracinus Say, Olisthopus micans LeConte, Panagaeus fasciatus Say, Pentagonica picticornis Bates, and Tachyta parvicornis Notman. The record for B. sejunctum sejunctum is the first for the species in the eastern United States. A recent record for Omophron labiatum (F.) in the state could not be substantiated by any specimen. Notes on biology are presented for species for which that knowledge exists. Distributions are presented for all taxa based on standard biophysical regions for the state and the knowledge of those distributions; distribution maps are presented for all species for which township records are known and for which we have specimen records in our database. Work on better defining the current distributional limits is ongoing. Several adventive European taxa have already exhibited very rapid dispersal across the state.

Richard G. Dearborn, Robert E. Nelson, Charlene Donahue, Ross T. Bell, and Reginald P. Webster "The Ground Beetle (Coleoptera: Carabidae) Fauna of Maine, USA," The Coleopterists Bulletin 68(3), 441-599, (1 September 2014).
Received: 14 April 2014; Accepted: 22 July 2014; Published: 1 September 2014
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