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18 December 2016 Colydiine Genera (Coleoptera: Zopheridae: Colydiinae) of the New World: A Key and Nomenclatural Acts 30 Years in the Making
Michael A. Ivie, Nathan P. Lord, Ian A. Foley, S. Adam Ślipiński
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A brief review of the classification history of the subfamily Colydiinae is provided, followed by a provisional diagnosis for the group. The 47 genera of New World Colydiinae (Colydiidae auctorum) are reviewed, with an illustrated key to genera, a representative habitus of each genus, a list of all 305 described species currently considered valid, each placed into the appropriate recognized genus, with full citations for each. Numerous nomenclatural changes are noted. Opostirus Kirsch is transferred to the Tenebrionidae: Eudysantina, new placement. The Adimerini Sharp 1894 are synonymized with Synchitini Erichson, 1845, new synonymy. In the Acropini, Lemmis Pascoe, 1860 = Acropis Burmeister, 1840, new synonymy, with Acropis caelatus (Pascoe, 1860), new combination and Acropis tuberosus (Grouvelle, 1896), new combination. Acropis fryi Pascoe, 1860 = Acropis tuberculifera Burmeister, 1840, new synonymy and Acropis incensa Pascoe, 1860 = Acropis aspera Pascoe, 1860, new synonymy. In the Synchitini, Anisopaulax Reitter, 1877 = Lasconotus Erichson, 1845, new synonymy, with Lasconotus brucki (Reitter, 1877), new combination. Pristoderus brasiliensis (Grouvelle, 1896), new combination follows synonymization of Ulonotus Erichson with Pristoderus. Eucicones Sharp, 1894 = Catolaemus Sharp, 1894 = Cacotarphius Sharp, 1894, new synonymies, with Eucicones minutus (Sharp, 1894), new combination and Eucicones compressus (Sharp, 1894), new combination. Reylus Ivie, Lord, Foley, and Ślipiński is a new replacement name for Erylus Dajoz, 1969 [not Erylus Gray, 1867 (Porifera)]. Eulachus Erichson, 1845 = Anarmostes Pascoe, 1860, new synonymy, with Anarmostes costatus (Erichson, 1845), new combination, Bitoma quinquecarinata (Chevrolat, 1864), new combination, and Bitoma semifuliginosa Chevrolat, 1864), new combination. Hystricones Sharp, 1894 = Paryphus Erichson, 1845, new synonymy, with Paryphus armatus (Sharp, 1894), new combination and the following species moved to Colobicones Grouvelle, 1918: Colobicones vagans (Arrow, 1927), new combination; Colobicones hirtus (Ślipiński, 1985), new combination; and Colobicones papuanus (Ślipiński, 1985), new combination. Labrotrichus Sharp, 1894 = Neotrichus Sharp, 1885, new synonymy, with Neotrichus aberrans (Sharp), new combination and Neotrichus verrucatus (Hinton, 1935), new combination. Microsicus Sharp, 1894 = Synchita Hellwig in Schneider, 1792, new synonymy, resulting in changes for the Japanese

Michael A. Ivie, Nathan P. Lord, Ian A. Foley, and S. Adam Ślipiński "Colydiine Genera (Coleoptera: Zopheridae: Colydiinae) of the New World: A Key and Nomenclatural Acts 30 Years in the Making," The Coleopterists Bulletin 70(4), 755-788, (18 December 2016).
Received: 7 June 2016; Accepted: 1 October 2016; Published: 18 December 2016

cylindrical bark beetles
new combinations
new replacement names
new synonymies
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