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1 June 2017 Correct Spelling of Albuna beutenmuelleri Skinner, 1903 (Sesiidae)
Franz Pühringer
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Recently, Taft, Cognato & Opler (2016) resurrected the clearwing moth taxon Albuna beutenmuelleri Skinner 1903 from synonymy with Albuna pyramidalis (Walker 1856). In their publication they used the species name beutenmulleri (following Duckworth & Eichlin 1973), which is an incorrect subsequent spelling. The species name is spelled beutenmülleri in the original description, apparently named after the famous American entomologist William Beutenmüller (1864–1934, originating from Germany). Ä, ö, and ü are German umlauts, and according to Article of the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature (ICZN, 1999: 40), “in a name published before 1985 and based upon a German word, the umlaut sign is deleted from a vowel and the letter “e” is to be inserted after that vowel. If there is any doubt that the name is based upon a German word, it is to be so treated.” In ‘Examples', the code points out: … mülleri (published before 1985) is corrected to muelleri.

So the incorrect original spelling Albuna beutenmülleri must be corrected to Albuna beutenmuelleri, as correctly cited already in Heppner & Duckworth (1981) and Pühringer & Kallies (2004, 2016).


I thank Axel Kallies (Melbourne, Australia) for pointing to the publication, and Bill Taft (East Lansing, Michigan, USA) for supplying a pdf of his paper.

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Franz Pühringer "Correct Spelling of Albuna beutenmuelleri Skinner, 1903 (Sesiidae)," The Journal of the Lepidopterists' Society 71(2), 132, (1 June 2017).
Received: 2 January 2017; Accepted: 20 February 2017; Published: 1 June 2017
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