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1 January 2010 Reassessment of Zephyranthes (Amaryllidaceae) in the Yucatán Peninsula including a new species, Z. orellanae
Germán Carnevali, R. Duno, J. L. Tapia, I. M. Ramírez
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A revision of Zephyranthes Herbert (Amaryllidaceae) in the Mexican portion of the Yucatán Peninsula Biotic Province is presented. Three species are native in the area, including the newly proposed, Zephyranthes orellanae Carnevali, Duno & J. L. Tapia, which is known from a narrow region of dry forests over rocky soils along the northwestern edge in the Yucatán state. Zephyranthes orellanae is related to Z. citrina Baker but is distinguishable by its narrower leaves. (0.9–1.2 mm wide vs. more that 3 mm in Z. citrina). Zephyranthes chlorosolen (Herb.) D. Dietrich is reported for the first time from the Yucatán Peninsula. The status of Zephyranthes citrina in the Yucatán Peninsula is assessed. The names Cooperia drummondii Herbert ( =  Zephyranthes brazosensis Traub) and Cooperia chlorosolen Herb. ( =  Zephyranthes chlorosolen) are lectotypified. Descriptions of all taxa and a key to their diagnosis are presented, as well as a map and iconography depicting all taxa involved. The conservation status of all three taxa is assessed against IUCN criteria.

Germán Carnevali, R. Duno, J. L. Tapia, and I. M. Ramírez "Reassessment of Zephyranthes (Amaryllidaceae) in the Yucatán Peninsula including a new species, Z. orellanae," The Journal of the Torrey Botanical Society 137(1), 39-48, (1 January 2010).
Received: 2 July 2008; Published: 1 January 2010
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Yucatán Peninsula
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