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1 December 2000 Black-vented Oriole Nests Inside a Cabin in El Salvador
Oliver Komar, Wilfredo Rodríguez, Ricardo Ibarra
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A pair of Black-vented Orioles (Icterus wagleri) successfully fledged young from a nest inside a log cabin in the Montecristo National Park, El Salvador. This is the first breeding record of the species for El Salvador. The nest was hammock-shaped, 18 × 20 cm outside, 6 cm deep inside, and contained four eggs. After the first clutch failed, the pair renested using the same nest, incubating and rearing three young over 34 days.

Oliver Komar, Wilfredo Rodríguez, and Ricardo Ibarra "Black-vented Oriole Nests Inside a Cabin in El Salvador," The Wilson Bulletin 112(4), 551-553, (1 December 2000).[0551:BVONIA]2.0.CO;2
Received: 1 February 2000; Accepted: 1 July 2000; Published: 1 December 2000
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