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1 September 2012 Movement and Cover-type Selection by Fledgling Ovenbirds (Seiurus aurocapilla) after Independence from Adult Care
Henry M. Streby, David E. Andersen
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We used radiotelemetry to monitor movements and cover-type selection by independent fledgling Ovenbirds (Seiurus aurocapilla) at two managed-forest sites differing in mature-forest matrix: open-understory deciduous forest and dense-understory mixed-deciduous-conifer forest. Ovenbirds at each site made one to three single-day long-distance movements; those movements were of similar distance at the deciduous site (i1559-4491-124-3-620-e01.gif  =  849 ± 159 m) and the mixed-deciduous-conifer site (i1559-4491-124-3-620-e02.gif  =  1,133 ± 228 m). They also moved similar mean daily distances within stands at the deciduous site (i1559-4491-124-3-620-e03.gif  =  101 ± 12 m) and the mixed-deciduous-conifer site (i1559-4491-124-3-620-e04.gif  =  105 ± 11 m), and used areas of similar local vegetation density, but denser than that of their nesting habitat. Fledglings in the deciduous study area selected sapling-dominated clearcuts and forested wetlands over mature forest and shrub-dominated clearcuts. Fledglings in the mixed-deciduous-conifer study area generally used cover types in accordance with availability, and tended not to use shrub-dominated clearcuts. Our results suggest regenerating clearcuts may be important areas for independent fledgling Ovenbirds in landscapes that consist of otherwise contiguous open-understory mature forest, but not until saplings establish in those clearcuts, and not necessarily in forests where dense understory and naturally dense areas such as forested wetlands are common.

Henry M. Streby and David E. Andersen "Movement and Cover-type Selection by Fledgling Ovenbirds (Seiurus aurocapilla) after Independence from Adult Care," The Wilson Journal of Ornithology 124(3), 620-625, (1 September 2012).
Received: 4 January 2012; Accepted: 1 April 2012; Published: 1 September 2012

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