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1 March 2008 Revision of Ephemerellidae Genera (Ephemeroptera)
Luke M. Jacobus, W. P. McCafferty
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The generic classification of Ephemerellidae Klapálek (Ephemeroptera) is reviewed and revised. Taxonomic status quo is maintained for the subfamily Timpanoginae Allen, except that Melanameleus Tiensuu (Ameletidae McCafferty) is not synonymous with Eurylophella Tiensuu. Data from the external morphology of eggs, larvae and adults of Ephemerellinae, s.s., species are coded into a data matrix and analyzed via the parsimony criterion of PAUP* to construct phylogenetic trees. A higher classification of Ephemerellinae is proposed based on the naming of groups from these trees. Two tribes are recognized and redefined: Ephemerellini, s.s., and Hyrtanellini Allen. Ephemerellini contains eleven genera: Drunella Needham [= Eatonella Needham, new synonym; = Myllonella Allen, new synonym; = Tribrochella Allen, new synonym; = Unirhachella Allen, new synonym], Caurinella Allen, Ephemerella Walsh, Matriella, new genus, Tsalia, new genus, Caudatella Edmunds, Notacanthella, new genus, Spinorea, new genus, Adoranexa, new genus, Ephacerella Paclt and Cincticostella Allen [= Rhionella Allen, new synonym]. The genus Notacanthella contains two subgenera: Notacanthella, s.s., and Samiocca, new subgenus. The genus Ephemerella contains six subgenera: Zonadia, new subgenus, Hosoba, new subgenus, Draeconia, new subgenus, Scholitza, new subgenus, Vittapallia, new subgenus, and Ephemerella, s.s. [= Chitonophora Bengtsson]. Hyrtanellini contains six genera: Penelomax, new genus, Teloganopsis Ulmer [= Amurella Kluge, new synonym; = Kangella Sartori, new synonym; = Uracanthella Belov, new synonym], Serratella Edmunds, Quatica, new genus, Hyrtanella Allen and Edmunds and Torleya Lestage [= Crinitella Allen and Edmunds, new synonym]. Four replacement names are established for species: Drunella fuso, new name [=Ephemerella fusongensis Su and Gui nec Ephemerella fusongensis Su and You], Serratella occiprens, new name [= Ephemerella imanishii Gose nec Ephemerella imanishii Allen], Serratella tsuno, new name [= Ephemerella cornuta Gose nec Ephemerella cornuta Morgan] and Cincticostella braaschi, new name [= Ephemerella serrata Braasch nec Ephemerella serrata Morgan]. New gener

Luke M. Jacobus and W. P. McCafferty "Revision of Ephemerellidae Genera (Ephemeroptera)," Transactions of the American Entomological Society 134(1), 185-274, (1 March 2008).[185:ROEGE]2.0.CO;2
Published: 1 March 2008
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