Social network analysis uncovers hidden social complexity in giant pandas
VOL. 2023 | NO. 34e9
December 2023
Escaping heat and anthropogenic pressures? Asiatic black bear denning behavior in its westernmost global range
VOL. 2023 | NO. 34e12
December 2023
Brown bear food habits in natural and human-modified landscapes in West-European Russia
VOL. 2023 | NO. 34e11
December 2023
Interactions between brown bear cubs of different mothers in Kashmir, India
VOL. 2023 | NO. 34e10
December 2023
Home range estimate of sloth bear using noninvasive camera-trap data
VOL. 2023 | NO. 34e7
November 2023
On evaluating the efficacy of air-borne synthetic aperture radar for detecting polar bears: A pilot study
VOL. 2023 | NO. 34e6
October 2023
Anthropogenic waste ingestion of Southern Beaufort Sea polar bears, Alaska (2010–2020)
VOL. 2023 | NO. 34e5
July 2023
Andean bear gastrointestinal parasites in Chingaza Massif, Colombia
VOL. 2023 | NO. 34e4
July 2023
Video-documentation of true and borderline tool use by wild American black bears
VOL. 2023 | NO. 34e3
May 2023
Human–brown bear conflicts in the North of Iran: Implication for conflict management
VOL. 2023 | NO. 34e2
May 2023
Survey on gastro-intestinal parasites of captive sun bears in Malaysia
VOL. 2023 | NO. 34e8
January 2023
Brown bear body patches are temporally stable and represent a unique individual visual signature
VOL. 2023 | NO. 34e1
January 2023
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