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1 March 2001 Giant sensitiveplant interference in cassava
Bamidele S. Alabi, Albert O. Ayeni, Akinola A. Agboola, Bradley A. Majek
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Giant sensitiveplant interference at different population densities in cassava established at 10,000 plants ha−1 was investigated on a Ferric Luvisol in a humid tropical environment. Interference for 12 mo was compared at 0, 10,000, 20,000, 30,000, and 40,000 plants ha−1 and at natural populations (averaging 630,000 plants ha−1) in four randomized complete blocks. Results showed that the order of cassava growth parameter response to giant sensitiveplant interference for 12 mo was leaf number > height > stem girth > leaf size = petiole length. The natural population density of giant sensitiveplant reduced growth faster and more than populations of 10,000 to 40,000 plants ha−1 in cassava. All giant sensitiveplant populations from 10,000 plants ha−1 and higher reduced storage root yield in cassava 12 mo after planting. Yield reduction increased as giant sensitiveplant population increased and the highest reduction of 85% occurred in the natural population of giant sensitiveplant.

Nomenclature: Cassava, ‘TMS 30572’, Manihot esculenta Crantz; giant sensitiveplant, Mimosa invisa Mart. MIMIN.

Bamidele S. Alabi, Albert O. Ayeni, Akinola A. Agboola, and Bradley A. Majek "Giant sensitiveplant interference in cassava," Weed Science 49(2), 171-176, (1 March 2001).[0171:GSIIC]2.0.CO;2
Received: 4 April 2000; Accepted: 27 September 2000; Published: 1 March 2001
Cassava production
humid tropical environment
southwestern Nigeria
Weed interference
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