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15 May 2023 Germination Ecology and Growth Phenology of Cowvine (Ipomoea lonchophylla) as Influenced by Environmental Parameters
Md Asaduzzaman, Eric Koetz, Hanwen Wu, John Piltz, Graham Charles
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Cowvine (Ipomoea lonchophylla J.M. Black) is a native and widely spread summer broadleaf weed in Australia. It contains glycoresins, which are toxic to livestock. However, limited information is available on seed germination ecology and growth phenology of this species. A series of experiments were conducted to determine the response of I. lonchophylla to different environmental conditions. Results showed that the primary dormancy exhibited by I. lonchophylla is due to the physical impediment of the hard seed coat. The seed germination percentage was the highest at the constant temperature of 27 C and alternating temperatures of 35/25 C. Germination of I. lonchophylla was not stimulated by light, suggesting that this species is non-photoblastic. Ipomoea lonchophylla germination was intolerant of a medium to high level of salt stress, and germination was completely inhibited at 250 mM NaCl. The emergence of I. lonchophylla was not restricted by seeding depth up to 8 cm, but only 5% emergence was recorded when seeds were planted at a 16-cm depth. The germination percentage was also drastically reduced by 90% to 100% after exposure to either 3 mo in silage, 48-h digestion in steers, or silage plus digestion treatments. The growth and reproductive phenology of I. lonchophylla was affected by emergence time. Plants that emerged in late spring (November 15) were able to produce more berries per plant than those that emerged in midsummer (January 15) in southern New South Wales. Information gained in our study concerning high soil salinity, ensiling, and digestion will help to develop more sustainable and effective integrated weed management strategies for controlling and reducing the spread of this weed.

Md Asaduzzaman, Eric Koetz, Hanwen Wu, John Piltz, and Graham Charles "Germination Ecology and Growth Phenology of Cowvine (Ipomoea lonchophylla) as Influenced by Environmental Parameters," Weed Science 71(4), 378-386, (15 May 2023).
Received: 28 December 2022; Accepted: 5 May 2023; Published: 15 May 2023
climate change
ruminal exposure
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