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1 July 2004 Quinclorac: Soil Behavior and Foliar vs. Root Absorption by Torpedograss (Panicum repens)
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Selective placement studies were conducted under greenhouse conditions to determine the relative importance of root vs. foliar absorption of postemergence-applied quinclorac by torpedograss. Foliar soil and soil-only applications were more effective than foliar-only in reducing torpedograss foliage at 4 wk after treatment (WAT). However, foliar-only and foliar soil were more effective than soil-only in suppressing regrowth at 10 WAT. Quinclorac foliar absorption by torpedograss and subsequent translocation, as determined with radiotracer techniques, was minimal. After 72 h, only 26% of the applied quinclorac had been absorbed, and 13.7% of the amount applied remained within the treated leaf. Only 0.3% of applied was recovered in the roots, and none was detected in the developing rhizomes. Quinclorac was readily root absorbed and translocated. After 6 h, a 26.7 μg/ plant dose of quinclorac had been absorbed, and 54% of this quantity remained in the roots; the remaining 46% having been translocated throughout the plant. The youngest leaf and the immature rhizomes accumulated 5 and 9% of the amount absorbed, respectively. Quinclorac was not readily soil sorbed as determined by soil solution experiments. Quinclorac was displaced nearly concomitant with the wetting front in soil chromatography. Soil solution concentration and soil mobility were greater at pH 6.7 than at 5.7. Results establish that consistent control of torpedograss with quinclorac is dependent on soil entry and root absorption. Unfortunately, the propensity of quinclorac to be water displaced could negatively affect this control.

Nomenclature: Quinclorac; torpedograss, Panicum repens L. #3 PANRE.

Additional index words: Herbicide translocation, soil sorption, soil mobility, soil pH.

Abbreviations: WAT, weeks after treatment; LSS, liquid scintillation spectrometry.

WALKER WILLIAMS, GLENN WEHTJE, and ROBERT H. WALKER "Quinclorac: Soil Behavior and Foliar vs. Root Absorption by Torpedograss (Panicum repens)," Weed Technology 18(3), 626-633, (1 July 2004).
Published: 1 July 2004
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