1 July 2007 Control of Both Winter Annual and Summer Annual Weeds in No-till Corn with Between-row Mowing Systems
William W. Donald
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In previous research, summer annual weeds were successfully controlled in no-till corn with between-row mowing systems that consisted of soil-residual preemergence herbicides banded over corn rows followed by mowing weeds close to the soil surface one or two times later during the growing season. The objective of this research was to determine whether between-row mowing systems could successfully control both winter annual and summer annual weeds as well as broadcast herbicides perform in no-till corn. In two of three years in Missouri, between-row mowing systems controlled and reduced both winter annual and summer annual weed cover and prevented weeds from reducing corn yields. Corn yields for the following no-till weed management systems equaled the weed-free check: winter annual weed control with between-row mowing plus preplant, banded, postemergence-applied glyphosate at 1.1 kg ae/ha and later summer annual weed control with postplant, banded, preemergence-applied atrazine plus S-metolachlor at 2.2 plus 1.8 kg ai/ha followed by between-row mowing. Winter annual weeds growing between rows were controlled with one mowing, and later summer annual weeds were controlled with either one late or “middle” mowing or two mowings (i.e., early and late). Total herbicide use was reduced 50% (i.e., 25 and 25%, respectively) in no-till corn. Commercially acceptable corn stands were needed for between-row mowing systems to adequately control weeds. In one of three years when corn stands were half of those of the other two years, broadcast herbicides performed better than between-row mowing systems in no-till corn.

Nomenclature: Atrazine, S-metolachlor; corn, Zea mays L. ‘Pioneer 33G28’ ZEAMX

William W. Donald "Control of Both Winter Annual and Summer Annual Weeds in No-till Corn with Between-row Mowing Systems," Weed Technology 21(3), 591-601, (1 July 2007). https://doi.org/10.1614/WT-05-141.1
Received: 28 September 2005; Accepted: 1 January 2007; Published: 1 July 2007
Alternative weed control
Band application
decreased herbicide rate
mechanical weed control
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