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1 July 2007 Effect of Soybean Row Width and Population on Weeds, Crop Yield, and Economic Return
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Field studies were conducted in 2004 and 2005 to determine the effect of soybean row width and population on weeds, canopy closure, crop yield, and economic return in glyphosate-resistant soybean. Soybean leaf area index (LAI) was greater in 19- and 38-cm, compared with 76-cm rows from 8 to 12 wk after planting in the low, moderate, and high soybean populations. Canopy closure was delayed by 2 wk in the moderate population in 76-cm rows compared with the high population in 19-cm rows. Fewer weeds emerged in 19-cm, compared with 76-cm rows following glyphosate application, and increasing the soybean population within a row width did not influence late-season weed emergence. Weed biomass in the weedy control was greater in the very low soybean population compared with the high soybean population within each row width; however, weed biomass in the weedy control was similar in the high and moderate soybean populations. Soybean yield in the weed-free and 10-cm glyphosate treatment did not differ, and yield was greater in 19-cm rows planted at moderate or high, compared with low populations. There was no difference in weed-free soybean yield at low, moderate, and high populations within 38- and 76-cm rows. Gross margins were usually greater in 19- and 38-cm, compared with 76-cm rows. The gross margin for soybean planted in 19-cm rows was usually greater at moderate or high soybean populations compared with lower populations. In 76-cm rows, the gross margin was greatest at the low and moderate soybean populations. When rainfall or other factors limited soybean yield, increasing the soybean population from approximately 300,000 plants/ha to 445,000 plants/ha in 19-, 38-, and 76-cm rows did not result in quicker canopy closure, reduced weed emergence, or greater soybean yield and gross margins.

Nomenclature: Glyphosate potassium salt, glyphosate-resistant soybean, Glycine max (L.) Merr., ‘AG2701’

Dana B. Harder, Christy L. Sprague, and Karen A. Renner "Effect of Soybean Row Width and Population on Weeds, Crop Yield, and Economic Return," Weed Technology 21(3), 744-752, (1 July 2007).
Received: 18 July 2006; Accepted: 1 March 2007; Published: 1 July 2007

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