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1 April 2011 Visual Ratings—Weed Technology Editorial Policy

There has been considerable misunderstanding regarding Weed Technology editorial policy regarding publishing visual ratings data. The current policy agreed upon by the Weed Technology Editorial Committee, and as stated in the 2nd paragraph in “Directions for Contributors” (see “Author Instructions”:, is: “Visual estimates of percentage weed control and of crop injury are acceptable when supported by objective measurements of response.” Therefore, when visual ratings are reported, there also needs to be weed count, weed biomass, crop yield, clipping regrowth biomass, digital image analyses, or any other non-subjective data type reported somewhere in the paper. The policy does not mean that each visual rating datum has to have a corresponding non-subjective datum. For example, if visual assessments of weed control are reported in one Table, it is sufficient to report yield or any other form of non-subjective data somewhere else in the paper or in the same Table. We encourage the use of objective data beyond simply supporting subjective data. Please contact the editor ( for questions or clarifications regarding this policy.

"Visual Ratings—Weed Technology Editorial Policy," Weed Technology 25(2), 177, (1 April 2011).
Published: 1 April 2011
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