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1 January 2012 Controlling Grass Weeds on Hard Surfaces: Effect of Time Intervals between Flame Treatments
Anne M. Rask, Palle Kristoffersen, Christian Andreasen
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An experiment was conducted on a specially designed hard surface to study the impact of time interval between flaming treatments on the regrowth and flower production of two grass weeds. The goal of this experiment was to optimize the control of annual bluegrass and perennial ryegrass, both species that are very difficult to control without herbicides. Aboveground biomass from 72 plants per treatment was harvested and dry weights were recorded at regular intervals to investigate how the plants responded to flaming. Regrowth of the grasses was measured by harvesting aboveground biomass 2 wk after the second flaming treatments that were implemented at different time intervals. Flaming treatments decreased plant biomass of both species and also the ratio of flowering annual bluegrass plants. However, few plants were killed. The first flaming treatment affected aboveground biomass more than the second flaming treatment. A treatment interval of 7 d provided the greatest reduction in regrowth of perennial ryegrass, whereas the effect of treatment interval varied between the first and second repetitions of this experiment for annual bluegrass. In general, short treatment intervals (3 d) should be avoided, as they did not increase the reduction of aboveground biomass compared with the 7-d treatment interval. Knowledge on the regrowth of grass weeds after flaming treatments provided by this study can help improve recommendations given to road keepers and park managers for management on these weeds.

Nomenclature: Annual bluegrass, Poa annua L.; perennial ryegrass, Lolium perenne L.

Weed Science Society of America
Anne M. Rask, Palle Kristoffersen, and Christian Andreasen "Controlling Grass Weeds on Hard Surfaces: Effect of Time Intervals between Flame Treatments," Weed Technology 26(1), 83-88, (1 January 2012).
Received: 14 March 2011; Accepted: 1 September 2011; Published: 1 January 2012

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