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1 January 2012 Evaluation of Thermal Implements and Organic Herbicides for Weed Control in a Nonbearing Almond (Prunus dulcis) Orchard
Anil Shrestha, Marcelo Moretti, Nathalia Mourad
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Sustainable weed management strategies are needed for organic orchard systems. A study was conducted in an almond orchard in Fresno, CA from 2009 to 2011. Treatment comparisons included steam, flame, and broad applications of either lemongrass oil or d-limonene. An untreated control was also included. The experimental design was a randomized complete block with four replications. Weekly evaluations on percent weed control were taken and weed biomass was sampled 4 to 8 wk after treatment (WAT). Weed control and biomass differed between seasons but, in general, steam and flame provided as much as 95% control 1 WAT. However, the effects lasted only 3 to 4 wk as new weeds emerged or the treated weeds overcame the suppressive effects of the thermal treatments. Weed biomass was 95% lower in the steam- and flame-treated plots compared with the untreated plots in summer. Both steam and flame were more effective on certain erect-growing broad-leaved weed species than on prostrate-growing weeds and grasses. Lemongrass oil provided very little weed control. However, d-limonene provided up to 95% weed control 1 WAT and in one experiment 53% control was observed up to 5 WAT. This herbicide also resulted in lower weed biomass than the untreated and the thermal-treated plots. Monthly applications of steam or flame or applications of d-limonene every 5 to 6 wk may have to be made to adequately suppress weeds in organic almond orchards. Cost estimates of propane use were $41 to 56 ha−1 and $26 ha−1 for the steam and flame treatments, respectively. The cost of d-limonene was estimated as $275 ha−1. To optimize weed control and costs, these tools may need to be used in combination rather than by themselves.

Nomenclature: Greenmatch EX 50% lemongrass oil; Greenmatch d-limonene 55%.

Weed Science Society of America
Anil Shrestha, Marcelo Moretti, and Nathalia Mourad "Evaluation of Thermal Implements and Organic Herbicides for Weed Control in a Nonbearing Almond (Prunus dulcis) Orchard," Weed Technology 26(1), 110-116, (1 January 2012).
Received: 15 June 2011; Accepted: 1 October 2011; Published: 1 January 2012

Lemongrass oil
Organic weed control
propane flaming
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