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1 June 2013 Tank Mixing Saflufenacil, Glufosinate, and Indaziflam Improved Burndown and Residual Weed Control
Amit J. Jhala, Analiza H. M Ramirez, Megh Singh
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Saflufenacil and indaziflam, POST and PRE herbicides, respectively, have been registered recently for weed control in Florida citrus. Glufosinate is under evaluation and may be registered in the future for POST weed control in citrus. Citrus growers often want to have a tank mixture of herbicides that provide broad-spectrum weed control. Saflufenacil is a broadleaf herbicide and needs to be tank mixed with other herbicide(s) to increase weed control spectrum. Information is not available on interaction of saflufenacil, glufosinate, and indaziflam applied in tank mixtures on weed control efficacy. Greenhouse and field experiments were conducted at two locations (Polk and Orange County, FL) to evaluate the efficacy and potential antagonism or synergy of saflufenacil and glufosinate applied in tank mixes, and various three-way mixes with indaziflam. The results suggested that tank mixing saflufenacil with glufosinate had no effect on grass weed control, but had additive effect on broadleaf weed control. Indaziflam tank mixed at the recommended label rate (0.073 kg ha−1) provided better residual weed control compared with the lower rate (0.05 kg ha−1). Tank mixing indaziflam with saflufenacil and glufosinate improved broadleaf and grass weed control, reduced weed density, and biomass compared with tank mixing saflufenacil and glufosinate. Tank mixing indaziflam at 0.073 kg ha−1 with saflufenacil and glufosinate provided ≥ 88% control of broadleaf and grass weeds at 30 d after treatment (DAT), and it was comparable with tank mixing saflufenacil, glyphosate and pendimethalin. This treatment combination recorded the lowest weed density (≤ 7 plants m−2) and biomass (< 80 g m−2) at 60 DAT. Glyphosate applied alone was less effective than tank mixing with saflufenacil and glufosinate for broadleaf and grass weed control. This indicates additive effect of tank mixture on glyphosate efficacy. It is concluded that saflufenacil can be tank mixed with glufosinate for control of broadleaf and grass weeds; however, addition of indaziflam in tank mixture provided long-term, broad-spectrum weed control in Florida citrus compared with other treatments.

Nomenclature: Glufosinate; glyphosate; indaziflam; pendimethalin; saflufenacil; citrus, Citrus spp.

Saflufenacil e indaziflam son herbicidas POST y PRE, respectivamente, que han sido registrados recientemente para el control de malezas en cítricos en Florida. Glufosinate está siendo evaluado y podría ser registrado en el futuro para el control de malezas POST en cítricos. Los productores de cítricos a menudo quieren tener mezclas de herbicidas en tanque que brinden un control de malezas de amplio espectro. Saflufenacil es un herbicida para malezas de hoja ancha, el cual necesita ser mezclado en tanque con otros herbicidas para incrementar el espectro de control de malezas. No hay información disponible acerca de la interacción de saflufenacil, glufosinate e indaziflam al ser aplicados en mezclas en tanque sobre la eficacia en el control de malezas. Se realizaron experimentos de invernadero y de campo en dos localidades (condados Polk y Orange, Florida) para evaluar la eficacia y el potencial de antagonismo o sinergia de saflufenacil y glufosinate aplicados en mezcla en tanque, y de varias mezclas de tres-vías con indaziflam. Los resultados sugirieron que la mezcla en tanque de saflufenacil con glufosinate no tuvo efecto sobre el control de gramíneas, pero tuvo un efecto aditivo sobre el control de malezas de hoja ancha. La mezcla en tanque con indaziflam a la dosis recomendada (0.073 kg ha−1) brindó mejor control residual al compararse con la dosis baja (0.05 kg ha−1). El mezclar en tanque indaziflam con saflufenacil y glufosinate mejoró el control de malezas gramíneas y de hoja ancha, y redujo la densidad y biomasa de malezas en comparación c

Amit J. Jhala, Analiza H. M Ramirez, and Megh Singh "Tank Mixing Saflufenacil, Glufosinate, and Indaziflam Improved Burndown and Residual Weed Control," Weed Technology 27(2), 422-429, (1 June 2013).
Received: 26 September 2012; Accepted: 1 January 2013; Published: 1 June 2013

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