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1 September 2014 Control of Rattail Fescue ( Vulpia myuros) in No-Till Winter Wheat
Nevin C. Lawrence, Ian C. Burke
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Rattail fescue is a problematic weed for small grain producers in the Pacific Northwest when no-till production practices are used. Pyroxsulam and pyroxasulfone are two herbicides not previously evaluated for control of rattail fescue. Pyroxasulfone provided levels of control (> 74%) similar to flufenacet. Pyroxsulam did not consistently control (21 to 71%) rattail fescue. Rattail fescue biomass was reduced by pyroxasulfone and flufenacet compared to the nontreated control. Effective consistent rattail fescue control was only achieved where PRE herbicides were used. When managing rattail fescue, PRE herbicides pyroxasulfone and flufenacet plus metribuzin are essential components of an integrated management strategy.

Nomenclature: Flufenacet; pyroxasulfone; pyroxsulam; rattail fescue; Vulpia myuros (L.) K.C. Gmel.; VLPMY; wheat; Triticum aestivum L.

Vulpia myuros es una maleza problemática para los productores de granos en el Pacífico Noroeste de Estados Unidos cuando se usan prácticas de producción de labranza cero. Pyroxsulam y pyroxasulfone son dos herbicidas que no han sido evaluados previamente para el control de V. myuros. Pyroxasulfone brindó niveles de control (>74%) similares a flufenacet. Pyroxsulam no controló V. myuros consistentemente (21 a 71%). La biomasa de V. myuros fue reducida por pyroxasulfone y flufenacet al compararse con el testigo sin tratamiento. Un control efectivo y consistente de V. myuros se alcanzó solamente donde se usó herbicidas PRE. Al manejar V. myuros, los herbicidas PRE pyroxasulfone y flufenacet más metribuzin son componentes esenciales para una estrategia de manejo integrada.

Nevin C. Lawrence and Ian C. Burke "Control of Rattail Fescue ( Vulpia myuros) in No-Till Winter Wheat," Weed Technology 28(3), 471-478, (1 September 2014).
Received: 14 October 2013; Accepted: 1 March 2014; Published: 1 September 2014

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herbicide efficacy
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