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11 May 2020 PRE and POST control of Praxelis clematidea, an emerging weed in Florida nursery production
Yuvraj Khamare, S. Christopher Marble, Nathan S. Boyd, Shawn T. Steed
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Praxelis is an annual to short-lived perennial herb in the Asteraceae family and an emerging problematic weed species in Florida nurseries. The objective of these experiments was to determine efficacy of selected PRE and POST herbicides for control of praxelis. An additional experiment was conducted to determine efficacy of the same PRE herbicides for control of bluemink, a weed similar in appearance to praxelis that is also common in Florida. The granular herbicides dimethenamid + pendimethalin, flumioxazin, oxyfluorfen + pendimethalin, oxyfluorfen + prodiamine, and trifluralin + isoxaben were evaluated, along with spray-applied formulations of dimethenamid, indaziflam, and prodiamine + isoxaben. Flumioxazin consistently provided over 90% control of praxelis at both sites. Indaziflam control was inconsistent between the two sites, providing 100% control in Apopka but only a 22% reduction in weed counts in Balm. Oxyfluorfen + pendimethalin, oxyfluorfen + prodiamine, and prodiamine + isoxaben also provided control (57% to 97% reduction in shoot weight), albeit generally to a lesser degree than was observed with flumioxazin. All PRE herbicides provided similar control of both praxelis and bluemink, with the exception of dimethenamid and dimethenamid + pendimethalin, which reduced bluemink shoot weight more than praxelis. Clopyralid, glyphosate, and triclopyr all provided effective POST control of mature and flowering praxelis through 12 wk after treatment (WAT) and resulted in greater praxelis control than glufosinate. Results suggest that many commonly used PRE and POST herbicides would provide control of praxelis, but use of PRE and POST herbicides as well as sequential applications may be needed for long-term management.

Nomenclature: Clopyralid; dimethenamid; flumioxazin; glufosinate; glyphosate; indaziflam; isoxaben; oxyfluorfen; pendimethalin; prodiamine; triclopyr; trifluralin; bluemink, Ageratum houstonianum Mill.; praxelis, Praxelis clematidea (Kuntze) R.M. King and H. Rob

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Yuvraj Khamare, S. Christopher Marble, Nathan S. Boyd, and Shawn T. Steed "PRE and POST control of Praxelis clematidea, an emerging weed in Florida nursery production," Weed Technology 34(6), 779-786, (11 May 2020).
Received: 26 December 2019; Accepted: 3 May 2020; Published: 11 May 2020

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