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31 January 2022 Field bindweed control with quinclorac in highbush blueberry
Marcelo L. Moretti, R. Edward Peachey
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Field bindweed is a perennial vining weed with vigorous growth, and is commonly found in highbush blueberry fields of Oregon. It requires and integrated strategy using multiple applications of postemergence herbicides and hand weeding for adequate control. Quinclorac is a herbicide that has been shown to control field bindweed, but no information is available indicating the tolerance of blueberry to quinclorac. The objective of this study was to evaluate the response of blueberry to quinclorac and to evaluate field bindweed control with quinclorac in different mixtures. Three groups of field studies were designed to assess 1) single application control of field bindweed, 2) use of sequential treatments to control field bindweed, and 3) long-term impact of quinclorac on field bindweed. In the single application control studies, a single application of quinclorac at 210 or 420 g ai ha–1 alone or in a mixture with rimsulfuron (35 g ai ha–1) or carfentrazone (35 g ai ha–1), controlled field bindweed by 69% to 76% while reducing its biomass between 22% and 44% compared to the nontreated control (61 g m–2). In a sequential treatment study, a single application of quinclorac (420 g ai ha–1) provided 83% to 100% control of field bindweed, outperforming three sequential applications of carfentrazone. In the long-term study, a single application of quinclorac reduced field bindweed biomass by 50% to 82% in 2019 and 62% to 87% in 2020. These results indicate that quinclorac can be safely applied to highbush blueberry plants. Early spring applications of quinclorac to field bindweed will reduce or eliminate the need for subsequent applications later in the season.

Nomenclature: quinclorac; carfentrazone; mesotrione; rimsulfuron; glufosinate; field bindweed; Convolvulus arvensis L.; highbush blueberry; Vaccinium corymbosum L.

© The Author(s), 2022. Published by Cambridge University Press on behalf of the Weed Science Society of America.
Marcelo L. Moretti and R. Edward Peachey "Field bindweed control with quinclorac in highbush blueberry," Weed Technology 36(2), 197-201, (31 January 2022).
Received: 2 November 2021; Accepted: 13 January 2022; Published: 31 January 2022
blueberry tolerance
herbicide efficacy
perennial weed
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