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4 April 2018 Molecular Detection of Northern Leatherside Chub (Lepidomeda copei) DNA in Environmental Samples
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The northern leatherside chub (Lepidomeda copei) is a cyprinid fish native to the Snake River, Green River, and Bonneville basins of the western United States. Population declines prompted the development of a multistate conservation agreement and strategy, which emphasized the need to reliably delineate its current distribution and monitor its status. To facilitate species monitoring, we developed a quantitative PCR assay to detect northern leatherside chub DNA in environmental samples. The assay consistently detected northern leatherside chub DNA in concentrations as low as 2 copies per reaction and did not amplify DNA of potentially sympatric fish species. The assay amplified a synthetic DNA template representing 3 congeneric species: White River spinedace (L. albivallis), Virgin spinedace, (L. mollispinis mollispinis), and Big Spring spinedace, (L. m. pratensis); however, none of these are sympatric with northern leatherside chub. Field tests of the assay accurately reproduced expected patterns of species occupancy.

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Joseph C. Dysthe, Kellie J. Carim, Thomas W. Franklin, Dave Kikkert, Michael K. Young, Kevin S. McKelvey, and Michael K. Schwartz "Molecular Detection of Northern Leatherside Chub (Lepidomeda copei) DNA in Environmental Samples," Western North American Naturalist 78(1), 92-99, (4 April 2018).
Received: 5 October 2017; Accepted: 1 January 2018; Published: 4 April 2018

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