The 10th International Grouse Symposium was held in Luchon during 26 September - 3 October 2005 under the organisation of Office National de la Chasse et de la Faune Sauvage (ONCFS), whose scientific and administrative staff contributed greatly to its success. The symposium was also supported by the ‘World Pheasant Association’.

The scientific committee of the symposium included: Alexandre Andreev, Raphaël Arlettaz, David Baines, Jack Connelly, Laurence Ellison, Rocky Gutiérrez, Jacob Höglund, Siegfried Klaus, Harto Lindén, Kathy Martin, Robert Moss, Emmanuel Ménoni, Claude Novoa, Torstein Storaas, Ilse Storch, Yue-Hua Sun, Michel Vallance and Per Wegge.

Laurence Ellison was the Special Editor of this supplementary issue of Wildlife Biology, and took care of the selection and the reviewing of the submitted articles.

Office National des Forêts (ONF), the town of Luchon and its Mayor René Rettig, the Tourist Office and our colleagues from Andorra ‘Medi-Ambiante Ministry’ and from Spain ‘National Park of Aigues Tortes’, ‘Quebrantahuesos Foundation’, deserve special thanks for their hospitality to the symposium attendants.

We express our gratitude to the following persons who invested so much time and energy in the organisation of the symposium: Elisabeth Bach, Christian Balthazar, Claude Berducou, Ariane Bernard-Laurent, Sabrina Canau, Mélanie Camus, Jordi Canut Bartra, Jean-Marc Cugnasse, Christian Daulon, Pierre Defos du Rau, Françoise De Pablos, Juan Antonio Gil Gallús, Maurice Guardia, Brigitte Iwach, Patrice Lacosta, Sébastien Laguet, Patrick Léonard, Luis Lorente Villanueva, Yann Magnani, Daniel Maillard, Daniel Marc, Pierrette Mazery, Mercé Aniz Montes, Marc Mossoll Torres, Marie Ménoni, Marc Montadert, Josep Maria Naudi Naudi, Sébastien Régnault, Isabelle Rivault and Jordi Sargatal Vicens.

The organisers of 10th International Grouse Symposium

Emmanuel Ménoni & Claude Novoa

ONCFS, CNERA Faune de Montagne, Station de Villeneuve de Rivière, Impasse de la Chapelle, 31800 Villeneuve de Rivière, France

"Acknowledgements," Wildlife Biology 13(sp1), 2, (1 July 2007).[2:A]2.0.CO;2
Published: 1 July 2007
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