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17 November 1997 Poa akmanii (Poaceae), a new species from Turkey
Robert J. Soreng, Peter Hein, Hildemar Scholz
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The discovery of a new grass species in the Western Toros range in SW Anatolia is reported. Poa akmanii, belonging to the Poa bulbosa complex, is described as a species new to science, illustrated and compared to Poa timoleontis, Poa pelasgis and Poa trichophylla.

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Robert J. Soreng, Peter Hein, and Hildemar Scholz "Poa akmanii (Poaceae), a new species from Turkey," Willdenowia 27(1/2), 195-198, (17 November 1997).
Published: 17 November 1997
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