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10 December 1999 On the identity of five species of Achillea sect. Millefolium subsect. Filipendulinae (Compositae, Anthemideae)
Karin M. Valant-Vetschera
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Based on studies of type material, ill-defined taxa of Achillea sect. Millefolium subsect. Filipendulinae are realigned. The conflicting application of A. micrantha is clarified and its correct application for the species later named A. gerberi is fixed by corresponding lectotypification. A. arabica is found to fully correspond to the later described A. biebersteinii and the first name is consequently established for this taxon. A. sahandica is found to represent actually Tanacetum polycephalum subsp. heterophyllum, and the placement of the rare and insufficiently known A. cuneatiloba in A. subsect. Filipendulinae rather than in A. subsect. Millefoliatae is proposed.

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Karin M. Valant-Vetschera "On the identity of five species of Achillea sect. Millefolium subsect. Filipendulinae (Compositae, Anthemideae)," Willdenowia 29(1/2), 141-146, (10 December 1999).
Published: 10 December 1999
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