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31 August 2001 Towards a clarification in the taxonomy of Sino-Himalayan species of Selinum L. s. l. (Umbelliferae). The genus Oreocome Edgew.
Michael G. Pimenov, Eugene V. Kljuykov, Tatiana A. Ostroumova
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Pimenov, M. G., Kljuykov, E. V. & Ostroumova, T. A.: Towards a clarification in the taxonomy of Sino-Himalayan species of Selinum L. s. l. (Umbelliferae). The genus Oreocome Edgew. — Willdenowia 31: 101–124. 2001. — ISSN 0511-9618.

Oreocome, a genus of Himalayan Umbelliferae, which has not been accepted in the majority of regional floristic treatments and whose name was previously lectotypified with O. candollei, is re-defined with the help of carpological features. Oreocome is considered to comprise six species, distributed from Pakistan to SW China with a centre of diversity in the Himalayas, and it is delimited from both Selinum and Ligusticopsis. Three new species, viz. O. involucellata and O. depauperata from Nepal and O. hindukushensis from Pakistan, are described as new to science. Four new combinations, two in Oreocome (O. limprichtii, O. striata) and two in Ligusticopsis (L. coniifolia, L. wallichiana) are validated. Keys are provided to the accepted species of Oreocome and to the Himalayan species of Ligusticopsis.

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Michael G. Pimenov, Eugene V. Kljuykov, and Tatiana A. Ostroumova "Towards a clarification in the taxonomy of Sino-Himalayan species of Selinum L. s. l. (Umbelliferae). The genus Oreocome Edgew.," Willdenowia 31(1), 101-124, (31 August 2001).
Published: 31 August 2001

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