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18 December 2008 Some comments on the genus Bromus (Poaceae) and three new species
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Scholz, H.: Some comments on the genus Bromus (Poaceae) and three new species. — Willdenowia 38: 411–422. -ISSN 0511-9618; © 2008 BGBM Berlin-Dahlem. doi:10.3372/wi.38.38203 (available via http// and geography of its species, which are mostly anecophytic, indicate a noncentred origin and distribution of Bromus s.str. (≡ Bromus sect. Bromus). With some certainty a larger number of its known species have been evolving only since the beginning of the Anthropocene, about 10 000 year ago, promoted by human impact. Another three probably recently originated species are described as new to science, B. parvispiculatus from the Balkan Peninsula, B. incisus with a chromosome number of 2n = 4x = 28 from Central Europe and B. supernovus, a species of dubious provenance only known from the type specimen of a plant cultivated in Australia. The ancestry of B. hordeaceus, B. intermedius and B. secalinus is discussed. Two new combinations, B. intermedius subsp. optimae and B. rechingeri subsp. afghanicus, are validated and a conspectus indicating the known ploidy level and distribution (endemic or indigenous to Europe) of the species of Bromus s.str. is provided.
© 2008 BGBM Berlin-Dahlem.
and Hildemar Scholz "Some comments on the genus Bromus (Poaceae) and three new species," Willdenowia 38(2), (18 December 2008).

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