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1 June 2010 New species of Araceae from Colombia
Thomas B. Croat, Xavier Delannay, Carla V. Kostelac
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Thirty-five Anthurium species and eight Philodendron species are described as new to science from Colombia: Anthurium algentryi, A. alstonii, A. altobueyense, A. angelopolisense, A. arbelaezii, A. birdseyanum, A. cardenasii, A. cirinoi, A. cocornaense, A. cotejense, A. delannayi, A. dorbayae, A. dylanii, A. espinae, A. gaskinii, A. jesusii, A. libanoense, A. maasii, A. munchiquense, A. novitaense, A. palmarense, A. paraguasense, A. pichindense, A. pulidoae, A. ramosense, A. ramosii, A. recavum, A. renteriae, A. sierpense, A. suramaense, A. torraense, A. triciafrankiae, A. venadoense, A. vientense, A. yatacuense, Philodendron cardonii, P. devianum, P. mcphersonii, P. merenbergense, P. patriciae, P. pipolyi, P. silverstonei and P. urraoense.

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© 2010 BGBM Berlin-Dahlem.
Thomas B. Croat, Xavier Delannay, and Carla V. Kostelac "New species of Araceae from Colombia," Willdenowia 40(1), 63-122, (1 June 2010).
Published: 1 June 2010

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