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9 December 2014 Studies on Hanguana (Commelinales, Hanguanaceae) for Sunda II: Five new forest species from Peninsular Malaysia and recircumscription of Hanguana malayana
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Field work in Peninsular Malaysia as part of the first author's research into relationships and evolutionary polarity between Hanguana malayana, a widespread freshwater helophyte, and the numerous and mostly undescribed Sundaic forest species has to date resulted in the collection of five distinctive novel forest-dwelling Hanguana species. These are described here and figured in colour. Increased understanding of these and other forest species of Hanguana has enabled a concise delimitation of the taxonomically long-obfuscated colonial helophytic H. malayana, and this is here presented, and the species figured. The current taxonomy of Hanguana is summarised, and a key to the so-far described Peninsular Malaysian species is provided.

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Siti Nurfazilah Bt Abdul Rahman, Ahmad Sofiman Othman, Mohd Fahmi Bin Abu Bakar, and Peter C. Boyce "Studies on Hanguana (Commelinales, Hanguanaceae) for Sunda II: Five new forest species from Peninsular Malaysia and recircumscription of Hanguana malayana," Willdenowia 40(2), 205-219, (9 December 2014).
Published: 9 December 2014

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