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9 December 2010 Calycogonium bissei, a new melastome (Melastomataceae, Miconieae) from Cuba
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Calycogonium bissei from eastern Cuba is described as a species new to science and illustrated. C. bissei is closely related to C. revolutum, from which it can be distinguished by its elliptic to lanceolate leaves with two pairs of secondary veins, inflorescences of 3-flowered dichasia or 4–5-flowered fasciculate cymes and non-unguiculate petals.

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Eldis R. Bécquer Granados "Calycogonium bissei, a new melastome (Melastomataceae, Miconieae) from Cuba," Willdenowia 40(2), 281-284, (9 December 2010).
Published: 9 December 2010

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