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21 June 2013 Atlas Florae Europaeae notes, 19–22. Nomenclatural changes and taxonomic adjustments in some native and introduced species of Malinae (Rosaceae) in Europe
Alexander N. Sennikov, James B. Phipps
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Compilation of the nomenclatural checklist of Rosaceae for volumes 16 and 17 of Atlas Florae Europaeae resulted in nomenclatural and taxonomic adjustments presented here. The synonymy of Cotoneaster bullatus is verified; the name C. tomentellus is shown to have been validly published in 2009 instead of 1961. Cotoneaster marianus, an alleged endemic to Macedonia, is a synonym of C. parnassicus from Greece. The new combination Sorbaronia mitschurinii is proposed to reflect the intergeneric hybrid origin of Aronia mitschurinii, an apomictic species of cultigenous origin (Aronia melanocarpa × Sorbus aucuparia). The name Crataegus chrysocarpa var. rotundifolia J. B. Phipps & Sennikov is proposed to replace the illegitimate C. chrysocarpa var. phoenicea E. J. Palmer, and the illegitimate C. horrida Medik. ex Cinovskis 1971 is added to its synonymy. The new name Crataegus chrysocarpa var. phoeniceoides J. B. Phipps & Sennikov is proposed for C. chrysocarpa var. phoenicea J. B. Phipps, nom. illeg., non E. J. Palmer. The name Sorbus tauricola Zaik. ex Sennikov is validly published with a new description and type designation. The lectotype of Cotoneaster bullatus and the neotypes of C. moupinensis f. floribundus and Mespilus rotundifolia are designated.

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Alexander N. Sennikov and James B. Phipps "Atlas Florae Europaeae notes, 19–22. Nomenclatural changes and taxonomic adjustments in some native and introduced species of Malinae (Rosaceae) in Europe," Willdenowia 43(1), 33-44, (21 June 2013).
Published: 21 June 2013
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