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9 June 2011 Contributions to the flora of Albania, 4
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Barina Z., Rakaj M. & Pifkó D.: Contributions to the flora of Albania, 4. — Willdenowia 43: 165–184. June 2013. — Online ISSN 1868-6397; © 2012 BGBM Berlin-Dahlem.. Stable URL: http// 70 taxa are discussed in this contribution towards a critical floristic checklist of the Albanian flora. Of these, 21 taxa are reported as new for the country based on the authors' own field observations and collected specimens and on the revision of relevant material in European herbaria; 17 taxa are deleted from the flora and the reasons for their deletion are provided; and 32 taxa are confirmed as occurring in Albania and/or their status is amended. Revised categories for the occurrence of 18 alien taxa are given. In agreement with Parnell, Sempervivum jakucsii is treated as conspecific with S. ciliosum.
© 2013 BGBM Berlin-Dahlem.
Zoltán Barina, Marash Rakaj and Dániel Pifkó "Contributions to the flora of Albania, 4," Willdenowia 43(1), (9 June 2011).

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