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15 July 2014 Euro Med-Checklist Notulae, 3
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This is the third of a series of miscellaneous contributions, by various authors, where hitherto unpublished data relevant to both the Med-Checklist and the Euro Med (or Sisyphus) projects are presented. This instalment deals with the families Isoetaceae; Amaranthaceae, Callitrichaceae, Campanulaceae, Caryophyllaceae, Chenopodiaceae, Compositae, Crassulaceae, Cruciferae, Geraniaceae, Leguminosae, Onagraceae, Polygonaceae, Resedaceae, Rosaceae, Salicaceae, Scrophulariaceae s.l. (incl. Orobanchaceae p.p., Plantaginaceae p.p. and Veronicaceae), Tamaricaceae; Cyperaceae, Gramineae, Liliaceae s.l. (incl. Hyacinthaceae) and Orchidaceae. It includes new country and area records, taxonomic and distributional considerations for taxa in Alternanthera, Bellardia, Bromopsis, Callitriche, Cardamine, Carex, Cotula, Draba, Dysphania, Echinops, Epilobium, Epipactis, Genista, Geranium, Kickxia, Lathyrus, Legousia, Lupinus, Mcneillia, Noccaea, Oligomeris, Persicaria, Pilosella, Pyracantha, Pyrus, Salix, Scrophularia, Sedum, Sempervivum, Suaeda and Tamarix, and the validation of names in Bellardia, Campanula, Draba, Isoetes, Mcneillia, Noccaea, Ornithogalum, Persicaria, Pilosella and Sempervivum.

© 2014 BGBM Berlin-Dahlem.
Eckhard Von Raab-Straube "Euro Med-Checklist Notulae, 3," Willdenowia 44(2), 287-299, (15 July 2014).
Published: 15 July 2014

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