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1 October 2007 Morphology and Electrophysiology of Water Receptors on Legs of the Cricket Gryllus bimaculatus
Masamichi Kanou, Shinsuke Morita, Tetsuya Matsuura, Tsuneo Yamaguchi
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To identify the sensory organs that are sensitive to water stimuli in the cricket Gryllus bimaculatus, cuticular structures on the legs and the number of sensory neurons innervating them were studied. Some small hair sensilla on the legs were innervated by 2–5 sensory neurons. All such sensilla had a tiny pore at the tip of their hairs. The diameter of the pore was approximately 0.2 μm. These findings suggest that these are chemosensitive hairs (LCS: leg chemosensillum). Of the three pairs of legs, the anterior legs (forelegs) possessed the largest number of LCSs. Of the five leg segments (i.e., coxa, trochanter, femur, tibia and tarsus), the tarsus possessed the largest number of LCSs on each leg. Electrophysiological investigation by tip recording revealed that some of the LCSs contained water-receptor cells. Because the basitarsus possessed a larger number of LCSs than the other tarsomeres, the distribution of water-receptor-containing LCSs in the basitarsus of a foreleg was investigated morphologically and electrophysiologically. LCSs that contained water-receptor cells were mainly distributed on the ventral surface of the basitarsus. There were two types of water receptor that showed different response patterns to a stimulus, that is, phasic- and tonic-type water receptors. From the distribution of LCSs on the legs, the roles of these different types of water receptors in behavioral selection, that is, the initiation of swimming and the inhibition of flying, will be discussed.

Masamichi Kanou, Shinsuke Morita, Tetsuya Matsuura, and Tsuneo Yamaguchi "Morphology and Electrophysiology of Water Receptors on Legs of the Cricket Gryllus bimaculatus," Zoological Science 24(10), 953-958, (1 October 2007).
Received: 29 October 2006; Accepted: 1 June 2007; Published: 1 October 2007
behavioral selection
tip recording
water receptor
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