Inoda T, Tajima F, Taniguchi H, Saeki M, Numakura K, Hasegawa M and Kamimura S (November, 2007) Temperature-dependent regulation of reproduction in the diving beetle Dytiscus sharpi (Coleoptera: Dytiscidae). Zoological Science 24 (11): 1115–1121.

A sentence in Discussion inappropriately reported the results of a previous study. Therefore, the authors would like to make the following corrections:

Discussion, page 1121, lines 1–5, left column:

Sexually dimorphic regulation is different from the results shown by Pener and Orshan (1983), who reported that the mechanism regulating diapause usually works simultaneously for both males and females, synchronizing their reproductive activities.

Correction: Delete the sentence.

References, page 1121, lines 27–30, right column:

Pener MP, Orshan L (1983) The reversibility and flexibility of the reproductive diapause in males of a “short day” grasshopper, Oedipoda miniata. In “Diapause and Life Cycle Strategies in Insects” Ed by VK Brown, I Hodek, Junk, The Hague, pp 67–85

Correction: Delete the reference.

The authors thank Dr. M. P. Pener for calling this error to their attention.

"Errata," Zoological Science 25(5), 560, (1 May 2008).
Published: 1 May 2008
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