1 December 2010 Two New Species of Temnocephala (Platyhelminthes,Temnocephalida) from the South AmericanSnake-Necked Turtle Hydromedusatectifera (Testudines, Chelidae)
Odile Volonterio
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Temnocephala brevicornis Monticelli, 1889 is the only species of the genus Temnocephala Blanchard, 1849 reported from chelonians to date. During a survey of the species of Temnocephala extant in southern Uruguay, two new species were found on the chelonian Hydromedusa tectifera Cope, 1869. They are described here as Temnocephala pereirai n. sp. and Temnocephala cuocoloi n. sp. Both resemble T. brevicornis, but differ in the morphometry of the penial stylet, and in qualitative details of the reproductive complex. Temnocephala pereirai n. sp. differs from T. brevicornis by having a massive, cylindrical sphincter in the distal portion of the vagina, and a seminal vesicle that opens into the subpolar to equatorial portion of the contractile vesicle. In addition, the penial stylet in Temnocephala pereirai n. sp. is large in relation to body size, straight and more slender, having the distal portion of its shaft slightly sinuous, and a smaller introvert equipped with about 16 distal crowns of smaller spines. Temnocephala cuocoloi n. sp. is most similar to T. brevicornis, but differs by having a smaller, curved penial stylet that has a smaller introvert in relation to stylet size, with about 10 distal crowns of smaller spines. A key to the species of the Temnocephala from chelonians is provided. This study supports the validity of the following characters previously proposed for the taxonomy of the genus Temnocephala: the shape of the sphincters in the female reproductive system, the shape of the penial stylet, and the number, size, and position of spines in the introvert.

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Odile Volonterio "Two New Species of Temnocephala (Platyhelminthes,Temnocephalida) from the South AmericanSnake-Necked Turtle Hydromedusatectifera (Testudines, Chelidae)," Zoological Science 27(12), 965-970, (1 December 2010). https://doi.org/10.2108/zsj.27.965
Received: 17 May 2008; Accepted: 1 June 2010; Published: 1 December 2010
Hydromedusa tectifera
Temnocephala cuocoloi n. sp.
Temnocephala pereirai n. sp.
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