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7 April 2021 First Complete Mitochondrial Genome of a Tanaidacean Crustacean (Arctotanais alascensis)
Keiichi Kakui, Yasunori Kano
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We present a complete mitochondrial genomic sequence for the tanaidacean Arctotanais alascensis (Richardson, 1899); this is the first complete mitogenome reported from the order Tanaidacea. The mitogenome is 13,988 bp long and contains 13 protein coding and two ribosomal RNA genes (as is typical for animal mitogenomes), and 21 of 22 transfer RNAs; we did not detect an isoleucine transfer RNA (trnI) gene. The gene order differed markedly from the hypothetical ground pattern for Pancrustacea; only four clusters (trnM + nad2; trnC + trnY + cox1 + trnL2 + cox2; trnD + atp8 + atp6 + cox3; trnH + nad4 + nad4l) ancestrally present were retained. In a malacostracan phylogenetic tree reconstructed from mitogenome data, basal relationships were marginally supported or incongruent with the traditional morphology-based classification and the latest phylogenetic reconstructions from large transcriptomic datasets. Relationships involving more recent divergences were better supported in our tree, suggesting that complete mitogenome sequences are more suitable for phylogenetic analyses within malacostracan orders, presumably including Tanaidacea.

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Keiichi Kakui and Yasunori Kano "First Complete Mitochondrial Genome of a Tanaidacean Crustacean (Arctotanais alascensis)," Zoological Science 38(3), 267-272, (7 April 2021).
Received: 4 December 2020; Accepted: 3 January 2021; Published: 7 April 2021
high-throughput DNA sequencing
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