December 2022 | Mycology

Research in the growing field of mycology reaches across fields as mycologists discover more about the role that molds, yeasts, fungi, and mushrooms have in ecology and biological diversity. Mycological research also has a range of uses in agriculture, supporting food production and building food security within communities. BioOne Complete’s aggregation of over 200 journals includes thousands of articles supporting studies in fungal biology, and we invite you to explore a selection in this collection.

The December 2022 edition of BioOne VISTA features articles in mycology from The Bryologist, Cryptogamie, Mycologie, Evansia, Herzogia, Integrative Systematics, and more.

BioOne VISTA. An Amanita muscaria mushroom growing in green moss.

A Review of Ectoparasitic Fungi Associated With Termites

Annals of the Entomological Society of America

A single chanterelle mushroom grows in moss
Lichen and lichenized fungi
Reishi mushroom in the forest
aspergillus fungi, magnified

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