February 2023 | Reproductive Science

Reproduction is the heart of many behaviors across life on Earth. Though courtship displays and mating behaviors vary widely between species, they serve communicative and biological functions necessary to the success of the reproductive process. Biological research focusing on mating systems is critical as conservationists look to protect biodiversity and ensure the survival of endangered species in the face of climate change. Work in the biological functions of reproduction can also impact our understanding and approach to pest control, wildlife management, and environmental sciences.

The February 2023 edition of BioOne VISTA features research in reproductive science from the American Malacological Bulletin, Biology of Reproduction, Insect Systematics and Diversity, Journal of Mammology, Odonatologica, Ornithological Science, and more.

BioOne VISTA. American Copper butterflies Lycaena phlaeas in courtship

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Raft Spider Dolomedes fimbriatus by @alexey_yabs / iNaturalist (CCO)
Firefly light flashes in a forest at night.
Two capybaras at the edge of a lake under a tree
Blue Crab on sand in shallow watter by Chuck Grimmett (Flickr CC0).
A collection of verticle sticks with an opening through the center, making a Bowerbird bower by Caroline Jones / Flickr-CC0
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