Fisheries Science and Aquaculture

BioOne VISTA | November 2023

Scientific investigation into the intricate dynamics of marine ecosystems offers valuable insights into the delicate balance between environmental factors and the diverse array of species that inhabit our oceans, rivers, and lakes. This important work helps us better understand the complex interplay of biological, ecological, and environmental variables that influence fisheries and aquaculture operations and contribute to the development of strategies that promote responsible and sustainable fishing practices, safeguard biodiversity, and address the challenges posed by climate change. As we commemorate World Fisheries Day, celebrated yearly on November 21, we highlight the dedication of the scientific community whose endeavors propel us toward a future where marine life is preserved for generations to come.

In honor of World Fisheries Day, the November 2023 edition of BioOne VISTA spotlights fisheries science and aquaculture from BioOne Complete partner publishers, including American Malacological Bulletin, Aquatic Ecosystem Health and Management, Freshwater Mollusk Biology and Conservation, Journal of Coastal Research, Journal of Shellfish Research, Malacologia, and more.

Thai fisherman on a small wooden boat throwing a net.

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Coming in December 2023:

Our next BioOne VISTA collection will feature research about food and beverages.

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