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Insect Systematics and Diversity publishes original research on systematics, evolution, and biodiversity of insects and related arthropods.

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Parallels Between Biodiversity and Human Diversity: A Mandate To Improve Ecological and Organizational Health and Vitality  Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine

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BioOne VISTA – Herpetology

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Top and Trending Research – Januay 2023

We are pleased to share a selection of top and trending articles published in BioOne journals that cover all areas of the biological, environmental, and ecological sciences. Featured journals include Entomological News, Journal of Shellfish Research, Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine, Waterbirds, and more.

BioOne VISTA: Herpetology

Reptiles and amphibians are critical to global ecosystems – their sensitivity to environmental shifts including pollution and climate change can alert scientists and researchers to habitat changes. BioOne Complete offers thousands of articles supporting the study of reptiles and amphibians, and we invite you to explore a selection of recent publications. The January 2023 edition of BioOne VISTA features herpetological research from Current Herpetology, Ichthyology and Herpetology, Journal of Herpetological Medicine and Surgery, Journal of Herpetology, South American Journal of Herpetology, and more.

Read Our December 2022 Newsletter

BioOne’s storied history and bright future are made possible by our exceptional community. In this issue, we highlight our work with longtime society partner the Entomological Society of America, as well as our innovative nonprofit partnership with SPIE. In addition, we acknowledge the exceptional leadership of BioOne Board Chair Kent Holsinger, who concludes his term after more than two decades.

Announcing the 2022 BioOne Ambassador Award Winners

BioOne is pleased to announce the winners of the 2022 BioOne Ambassador Award. This prestigious award recognizes early-career authors who excel in the communication of their research to the general public. We invite you to read the 2022 BioOne Ambassador Award winners' exemplary submissions in this showcase.

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Visit our Article Collection Archive page for more Top & Trending Research, BioOne Vista, and special collections featuring recent articles in BioOne Complete.

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