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Ageing Northern Saw-Whet Owls (Aegolius acadicus) from Remigial Molt Patterns

Nova Mackentley, Eugene A. Jacobs, David L. Evans

Citizen Science in the Class-Room: The Consistency of Student Collected Data and Its Value in Ecological Hypothesis Testing

Daichi Tsujimoto, Chun-Ho Lin, Nozomi Kurihara, Craig Ra Barnett

The response of mixed-species bird flocks to anthropogenic disturbance and elevational variation in southwest China

Liping Zhou, Indika Peabotuwage, Hao Gu, Demeng Jiang, Guohua Hu, Aiwu Jiang, Christos Mammides, Mingxia Zhang, Rui-Chang Quan, Eben Goodale

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BioOne proudly announces the return of four popular journals and the addition of six new Open Access (OA) titles to BioOne Complete for 2020. Four titles from the Entomological Society of America will return January 1 next year, as well as five new OA titles from SAGE, and one new OA title from the Muséum d’histoire naturelle, Genève.

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Four popular journals return and six new titles added for 2020; BioOne removes barriers to international journal submissions through new partnership and more.. 

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