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Author(s): D. D. Kopp, T. R. Yonke
Print Publication Date: 1979

The New World tribe Ceresini Coding, 1892, was revised to the generic level and a list of included species presented. Material used in this study was borrowed from the major U. S. entomological museums and selected institutions abroad. The traditional characters of pronotal shapes and modifications were used along with characters present on the external male genitalia. Illustrations of the male genitalia of as many species as possible were made to give a broader base to their understanding. An attempt was made to view as much type material as possible.

The genera Hadrophallus, Amblyophallus, and Paraceresa are described as new. The subgenus Eucyphonia Sakakibara, 1968, was elevated to generic rank. The names of the genera Xolonia Plummer, 1935; Aetheonota Peláez, 1955; Ilithucia Stål, 1867; and Centrogonia Stål, 1869, were placed in synonymy. The number of genera in the tribe thus remains unchanged at 21.

The phylogeny of the genera within the tribe was considered using cladistic and anagenetic methodologies. The results of these analyses are discussed and presented in the form of a cladogram and a phylogram.

The following species synonymies were discovered during this study: Stictolobus erectus Funkhouser (1919) as a junior synonym of Membracis exaltatus Fabricius (1803), now Amblyophallus exaltatus (Fabricius). Stictolobus solanofilus Fonseca (1946) and Stictolobus septemfasciatus Coding (1926) as junior synonyms of Euritea albifasciatus Funkhouser (1922), now Tapinolobus albifasciatus (Funkhouser). The trinomial Ceresa variabilis intermedia Fowler (1895) is synonymous with Ceresa minor Fowler (1895), now Stictolobus minor (Fowler). Ceresa curvicornis Funkhouser (1942) as a junior synonym of Ceresa ancora Ball (1937), now Vestistilus ancora (Ball). Ceresa mexicana Plummer (1935) as a junior synonym of Ceresa vacca Fowler (1895), now Vestistilus vacca (Fowler). Ceresa projecta Funkhouser (1927) as a junior synonym of Ceresa cavicornis Stål (1859). Centrogonia speciosa Coding (1930) as a junior synonym of Ceresa ustulata Fairmaire (1846). Ceresa rubra Funkhouser (1943) as a junior synonym of Ceresa cornutus Fowler (1895), now Spissistilus cornutus (Fowler). Ceresa franciscana Stål (1859) as a junior synonym of Membracis festinus Say (1830), now Spissistilus festinus (Say). Stictocephala punctata Remes Lenicov (1973) as a junior synonym of Ceresa unguicularis Stål (1862), now Paraceresa unguiculavris (Stål). Poppea albioloba Coding (1929) as a junior synonym of Poppea capricornis Fowler (1895). Aetheonota bulloterga Pelaez (1955) as a junior synonym of Poppea kovari Plummer (1945). Poppea longicornis Plummer (1935) as a junior synonym of Cyphonia rectispina Fairmaire (1846), now Poppea rectispina (Fairmaire).

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