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BioOne Complete is a curated collection of independently published subscribed and open access titles. Focused in the biological, ecological, and environmental sciences, BioOne Complete provides crucial context for researchers working on some of our world’s most pressing health-related challenges.

High-quality content, access to a rich backfile, and library-friendly policies make a BioOne Complete subscription a sustainable option for institutions looking to support users in the health sciences. Contact us for pricing, including discounts via 40+ consortia partners.

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  Featured Titles Include:

Air, Soil and Water Research

Avian Diseases

Biology of Reproduction

Comparative Parasitology

Environmental Health Insights

Human Biology

Journal of Medical Entomology

Journal of Vector Ecology

Journal of Wildlife Diseases

Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine

Radiation Research

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Our monthly BioOne VISTA article collections spotlight timely subjects and themes as recently published in BioOne Complete journals. The following include content especially relevant for health and medical sciences.

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Zoonotic Diseases

Zoonotic disease poses significant public health challenges; in 2019 a report from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that 6 in 10 infectious diseases in people can be spread from animals and the majority of emerging infectious diseases in people come from animals.

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One Health and Public Health

One Health recognizes the connection between human, animal, and environmental health. This approach seeks to improve the health of people as well as the animals and plants that make up our shared environment.

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In addition to the significant implications for improving human health, research into better understanding genomes and functions of DNA expands our knowledge of evolution, and provides data on how to protect our biological ecosystems.

Benefits for Library Partners


Affordable: Tiered pricing and discounts via 40+ consortia.

Efficient: Access a critical mass of content with a single subscription.

Support for strategic research: Trusted content on the impacts of climate change on global ecosystems; research relevant to many of the United Nations’ SDGs.

Flexible: Anytime subscription starts plus a new one-time purchase option.

Mission-aligned: Over $68 million in subscription funds have been returned to BioOne publishing partners and re-invested in sustainable scholarly communications. In addition, 33 open access titles are available alongside the subscribed collection.

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