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1 March 2015 A Checklist of Soil-Dwelling Bryophytes and Lichens of the South Puget Sound Prairies of Western Washington
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We present a checklist of soil-dwelling bryophytes and lichens for the south Puget Sound prairies based on field investigations of seven prairie sites conducted over the period of 2012–2014. We report a total of 32 terrestrial bryophyte taxa including 27 mosses and 5 liverworts, representing 20 families and 27 genera. We report a total of 32 terrestrial lichen taxa, representing three families and three genera. Four lichens, Cladonia novochlorophaea, Cladonia ciliata var. ciliata, Cladonia ciliata var. tenuis and Cladonia portentosa ssp. pacifica are proposed State-listed lichens considered rare by the Washington Natural Heritage Program. We report one additional species that was not listed on the WNHP rare lichen list, but appears to be rare in Washington: Cladonia concinna. We recommend that Cladonia concinna be added to the Washington Natural Heritage list of rare lichens. We did not find any State-listed bryophytes. We did, however, find one non-native moss, Pseudoscleropodium purum, which appears to be introduced to the Puget Sound prairies and one native ephemeral moss, Funaria hygrometrica, that may have been unintentionally outplanted to burned areas of the prairies we surveyed along with greenhouse grown native vascular plant plugs. The species list presented here should provide a starting point for assessing the current and future conservation status of soil-dwelling bryophyte and lichen communities of the south Puget Sound prairies.

Lalita M. Calabria, Abigail Arnold, Evan Charatz, Gregory Eide, Lillian M. Hynson, Griffin Jackmond, Joseph Nannes, Daphne Stone, and John Villella "A Checklist of Soil-Dwelling Bryophytes and Lichens of the South Puget Sound Prairies of Western Washington," Evansia 32(1), 30-41, (1 March 2015).
Published: 1 March 2015

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